Products and Services

Products & Services

Here at Alphine Australia we specialise in the procurement of a variety of different landscaping and construction products. These are just a snapshot of the landscaping and construction products we can source. With our contacts and overseas network we can also arrange custom procurement of virtually anything – Just contact us and ask!

public works procurement
Kerbing Procurement Perth

Granite Paving & Kerbing

We import a range of paving and kerbing to suit various landscaping applications. Our pavers can be customised to whatever size, shape and thickness you require and come in a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure no matter how customised the job is, we can provide the solution.

wall panelling perth

Wall Panelling

Our range of unique granite wall cladding will bring sophistication and elegance to your project. We have a variety of wall panelling for you to choose from and can import and source the right wall panelling to suit your requirements.

Stone Landscaping Products

Make your landscaping project stand out with our wide variety of landscaping products. We can supply stone benches and seats that can be customised with any inscription or design of your choice. Our bollards come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Machinery Supply Perth

Machinery Supply

We can procure any type of machinery, including machinery for construction, manufacturing, quarrying, stone processing as well as hand tools and consumables.

stone procurement perth

Stone Sculptures & Public Works

Any sculpture or any design, we will work with you to make your creation become a reality. We have completed projects such as the Albany Peace Park, the Gap Albany and the Ellenbrook North Secondary School.