Granite Paving and Kerbing

Kerbing Procurement Perth

Granite Paving & Kerbing Procurement Perth

We import a range of paving and kerbing to suit various landscaping and construction applications. Our pavers can be customised to whatever size, shape and thickness you require and come in a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure no matter how customised the job is, we can provide the solution.

Paving & Kerbing

Alphine Australia specialise in the procurement of stone landscaping, building and construction products including paving and kerbing.

We offer a complete service where we source the paving and kerbing of your choice, order on your behalf and it arrives to your preferred location. Through our well established international suppliers and contacts, we can guarantee the quality of the paving and kerbing and continuity of supply, ensuring you can complete your project without disruption.

Our business structure enables us to provide a personalised service and a very cost-effective price. We offer the perfect procurement solution for large construction and landscaping projects such as commercial construction projects, shopping centres, parks, government tender projects, public works etc.

If you are looking for a procurement service to take the hassle out of sourcing and importing paving and kerbing, contact us today and request a quote for your kerbing and granite paving procurement needs.

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